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2012 Hangul Day

2012 Hangul Day 한글날
9 October 2012, Tuesday (Working Day)

Hangul Day commemorates the invention and proclamation of the Korean written language, Hangul.

According to history, in 1443, King Sejong “the Great” (4th king of the Joseon Dynasty) and his institute of scholars, the Hall of Worthies, are credited for creating Hangul. It took them 30 years of research and design to devise a writing system specifically for the Korean language. It has been noted that Sejong explained the new written language was a better fit for the Korean language for it’s simplicity and versatility, that even an ill-educated commoner could read and write Korean. Originally named “Gagyageul” (가갸글), it wasn’t until 1913 that the Korean alphabet was named “Hangul”.

In 1928, the Hangul Society celebrated the 480th anniversary of the declaration of Hangul, and it’s been celebrated as a holiday ever since. Though there’s been changes in when Hangul day is celebrated over the course of the century, it wasn’t until the South Korean government was established in 1945 that it was declared a legal holiday to be on October 9th. In 1991, Hangul day changed from being a legal holiday, meaning government employees no longer get the day off.