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2013 Singapore Holidays & Events

The following is a list of 2013 Singapore Holidays & Events!


► New Year Day 1 January 2013, TuesdayTwo popular New Year’s Eve countdowns will be ‘The Marina Bay Singapore Countdown’ and Siloso Beach Party’ at Sentosa.  There will be live performances and fireworks to ring in the new year.  Clarke Quay and Orchard Road will also be crowded with party-goers.



Chinese New Year 10 February 2013, Sunday – 11, February 2013,  MondayChinatown will come alive during this holiday with decorations, streets lit with lanterns, night-markets, and shopping malls filled with people shopping for the new year.  There will be lion dances at Chinatown, Clarke Quay, and Boat Quay.


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Good Friday & Easter 2013 in the Philippines

Good Friday & Easter 2013 in the Philippines - Good Friday for 2013 will be on Friday, March 29 and Easter will be on Sunday. March 31.  Good Friday is a day Catholics commemorate the crucifixion of Christ who died for mankind’s sins.  Easter Sunday is a celebration of his resurrection. Catholicism is the predominant religion in the Philippines – with over 80% of the population being Catholic, Good Friday and Easter are widely observed.  In the Philippines, Good Friday is called ‘Biyernes Santo‘.  The Sunday before Easter Sunday is called Palm Sunday. Filipinos go to mass and get their palm leaves or ‘palaspas’ blessed.  The blessed palm leaves will be hung over windows or doors to keep out evil spirits and to also welcome Jesus Christ.  Filipinos will fast on Good Friday by having only one full meal and abstain from eating meat.   Many Filipinos will go to church to attend the three-hour mediation that reflects the Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ while he was on the cross during the crucifixion.  Churches throughout the country will reenact the Passion of Jesus up to the part where he was crucified.  In some parts of the Philippines, devout Catholics perform real crucifixions despite that the gruesome act is condemned by Catholic leaders in the country.  Some unique traditions that one will see when visiting the Philippines during this holiday are:  Fourteen Stations of the Cross, Pasyon, Mahal na Senyo, and Senakulo. Read more »

New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong 2013

New Years Eve 2011 in Hong Kong


International New Year’s Eve / Day
1 January 2013, Tuesday

This adopted Western celebration is not as big as the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year celebration which will occur later in the month.  The Times Square shopping mall in Hong Kong will have the ball drop similar to New York Times Square called the Times Square Apple Countdown.  Before the countdown there will be countless entertainment.  Like Times Square in New York City this event will be popular so be sure to come hours in advance to get a spot.  Victoria Harbour will be filled with firework displays on the waterfront.  There will be a lot of all-inclusive cruises at Victoria Harbour for people to view the fireworks.  On land, the best view is from the Avenue of the Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui.   New Year’s Eve is a time to party and Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong will also be packed with partygoers.  A lot of restaurants and hotels will offer New Year’s Eve dinner.  With so many high scale restaurants in Hong Kong your dinner to ring in the New Year will be very memorable.

Chinese Lunar New Year in Hong Kong 2013


► Chinese Lunar New Year
11 -13 January 2013, Monday – Wednesday

For 2013 Chinese Lunar New Year the zodiac sign will be the snake.  In Hong Kong this holiday is celebrated for 3 days and employees get 3 days off from work.  This celebration is a time for family to get together.  During this holiday, children from far away will come back to visit their parents.  Young kids will get red envelopes of lucky money called “li shi” from their parents and elders.  There will be a lot of festivities during this celebration with fireworks, parade, lion dances, and a lot of stores marking down their items.  Shopping is a popular activity since traditionally people need to go to buy new stuff to welcome the New Year.  The whole Hong Kong will have the festivities feel of Chinese Lunar New Year with flower markets, temples filled with worshippers, stores displaying decorations, and etc.  The largest flower market will be located at Victoria Peak.Some traditional food that will be eaten during this holiday are:  dumplings, fish, duck, and other delicacies.  Red is considered a lucky color and will be seen everywhere from decorations to money envelopes for kids.  Some restaurants will increase their prices during this holiday.  Some small business will close 3 days for the celebration but most will reopen on Thursday, January 14.

Victoria Harbour will have a spectacular fireworks show that combines with the famous Hong Kong’s daily show called Symphony of Lights.  Occasionally you’ll hear families popping their own small fireworks or firecrackers.  One of the ways to see the firework is getting on a cruise at Victoria Harbour so you can have the best view of the fireworks.   Temples will be very crowded but it will be interesting to go and participate in some traditions they offer during the Chinese New Year.

2013 Hong Kong Holidays & Events


Here is a list of Hong Kong holidays and events in 2013!


► International New Year Day
1 January 2013, Tuesday
The Times Square shopping mall in Hong will have the ball drop similar to New York Times Square. Victoria Harbour will be filled with firework displays on the waterfront. Lan Kwai Fong will also be packed with partygoers. Read more »