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Good Friday & Easter 2013 in the Philippines

Good Friday & Easter 2013 in the Philippines - Good Friday for 2013 will be on Friday, March 29 and Easter will be on Sunday. March 31.  Good Friday is a day Catholics commemorate the crucifixion of Christ who died for mankind’s sins.  Easter Sunday is a celebration of his resurrection. Catholicism is the predominant religion in the Philippines – with over 80% of the population being Catholic, Good Friday and Easter are widely observed.  In the Philippines, Good Friday is called ‘Biyernes Santo‘.  The Sunday before Easter Sunday is called Palm Sunday. Filipinos go to mass and get their palm leaves or ‘palaspas’ blessed.  The blessed palm leaves will be hung over windows or doors to keep out evil spirits and to also welcome Jesus Christ.  Filipinos will fast on Good Friday by having only one full meal and abstain from eating meat.   Many Filipinos will go to church to attend the three-hour mediation that reflects the Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ while he was on the cross during the crucifixion.  Churches throughout the country will reenact the Passion of Jesus up to the part where he was crucified.  In some parts of the Philippines, devout Catholics perform real crucifixions despite that the gruesome act is condemned by Catholic leaders in the country.  Some unique traditions that one will see when visiting the Philippines during this holiday are:  Fourteen Stations of the Cross, Pasyon, Mahal na Senyo, and Senakulo. Read more »