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Songkran 2013 in Bangkok

Songkran Festival
13 April 2013, Saturday- 15 April 2013, Monday

Songkran Festival or also known as  Water Festival celebrates the beginning of solar New Year in Thailand and is the largest holiday in Thailand.  During this festival students and workers get the week off to celebrate the festival.  To prepare for this festival, Thais will clean their houses and burn the trash to get rid of bad luck.   This 3 days festival is also a time for family re-unions so a lot of Thais will leave the city to visit family members in the countryside.  During  Songkran, Thais will dress in new clothes and go to Wat or monastery participate in the bathing of the Buddha and to give food to monks there.  Traditionally young people  will pour water into palms of elders to pay respect to them; however. this tradition has evolved into water fights in Thailand.  The meaning of pouring water is to wash away bad luck and purify the spirit, mind and body.

Bathing of Buddha

On the streets in Bangkok you will see everyone armed with water gun, buckets of water, or water balloons ready to splash at strangers. The most popular spot in Bankgok for water fight is Khao San Road and Silom Road where you’ll find everybody ready to participate in water fights and party afterwards.  Songkran is also a time there are a lot of fatal accidents due to drunk driving so be sure to party responsibly for your safety and others.  If you want to check out the cultural aspect of  Songkran you can come to Phra Pradaeng district about 1 week after Songkran and get to see  Thai-Ramn flag ceremony, dances, floral parade, and much more.  Songkran is a fun and wet festival and if you are in Bangkok or Thailand during the festival, don’t miss out on the fun.